Why does my TV pixilate or loose signal at 7PM afternoons clear days

What happens at 7PM? Why only in the afternoon and why with perfect weather conditions?

What you can check!
1. Re-tune
2. Unplug unused devices
3. Replace fly-leads

What your installer will check
1. Cable connections
2. Cable integrity
3. Splitter condition
4. Antenna alignment

More annoying faults hard but not impossible
1. non-compliant LED down-lights
2. noise or interference from devices internal
3. Noise or interference from external locations

It can be something simple and this is often where the part time installer comes unstuck. Identification of the cause single or multiple is the only way to solve the issue. For people who keep hitting things with hammers and expecting a better result with a harder hit may not understand the basic fundamentals of digital signal. Height is might and more signal is more are two examples of profitable hammering.

Signal levels need to be measured in bit errors and MER levels looking more at reliable levels over time and not a compass reading or basic radio direction finder. Each area and each house needs to be assessed case by case to avoid an endless loop of guessing. Are you digital ready? Should be? Maybe not. If it works it works if not then you may need to call a local professional to assess your system.

Only in the year 2002 did local stations start broadcasting with digital signals and they came with new rules that not everyone consumer and installer has been keeping up with. 30 Years ago they put up a huge tower drill a hole in the wall and twist the wires together. Today we install a small often hidden finely tuned, wind load rated, patented design, ASNZS standards compliant carefully engineered antenna that is connected via standardized impudence matched connectors via compliant cable installed to required standards and hidden in wall cavity’s.

If we use non-compliant parts and opt for the cheaper versions results are less predictable and results vary. People will always compare an old tata with the latest lexus because they all come out of the same factory in china and for some people they do “the same job” but no not for everyone.

If the wheels on your car a balled and they loose traction in wet weather is it fault of the council to improve the roads or is the car owner at fault? Maybe both but if the council makes everything perfect traction of the balled tyre can still not be assured.

We need to assess, identify and produce solutions based on what the problem is. Attempting several solutions from Barry at the pub can be a costly mistake. If something worked for them the chance that you have the same problem and it will work for you does require you have all the same devices, cables and in the exact same location.

Faults can be fixed. Anyone can put up an antenna or “make it work” but few can fault find and provide long-term results. Beware the no-warranty experts.

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