What is the best digital tv antenna?

An age old question. What is the best? Best of the best?

The short: Each area is different and you need the right one for your location

The Long: Important factors in antenna sales is a big fancy box with sales buzz words like “high gain, broadband, long range, robust, 4G, ect”. these are buzz words that work much the same as “on sale” to most people. It sounds good and does encourage sales. Just like food packaging the claims can be wild and fantastic with average to poor results.

Important factors that matter are frequency match a ballpark or general “close enough” design suffer the most trouble. Low gain yagi’s are still a bit on an industry joke but very popular with people who love a low price and comparable to the highest gain oversize yagi that does have a very high gain but does have other issues that make it far from the best choice in most locations. Phased arrays work very well in most but not all locations and 4g/LTE filtering how much do you have? How much do you need? If the 4G stick is big and flashy it likely has very little tolerance to 4G but enough to make it’s claim. Cheap and nasty phased arrays often known as “money makers” as they fall apart in 2-3 years and need replacing on a regular basis. Must be birds right? No. The terrain between you and the transmitter determines the antenna type. Selecting the right design, correct frequency and a strong brand name is key.

The antenna is the tap that turns your signal. Each component does matter but if the signal level is poor to start with no size amplifier or series of boosters will improve it. One antenna can feed thousands of TV’s if the incoming signal is good. If the signal is average to start with one antenna might struggle to feed just one TV.

If your antenna comes with no warranty then it is the wrong one.

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