Understanding Digital TV Signal – Why

Most digital TV problems come from small errors in setup and misinformation when trying to correct these errors making things worse.

Why does my TV drop out and display no signal and i have tried everything? Identification of the point of failure is key. Often people will say it’s “just the signal” or “it’s just the area” this can be compared to having a runny nose and considering death is near and nothing can be done. It could be a passing flu, H1N1, hay-fever, ect but if we consider things can be done and various options are available we will likely survive. Another example is saying your car doesn’t go it’s broke… without any detail we can consider hitting it with a hammer may work and if it doesn’t well time for a new car and nothing can be done.

In detail we can asses and correct simple things and the most complex things. Lets start with simple

Digital TV sends the signal in a form of packets and not dot by dot so the fuzz isn’t visible in a low signal. Expecting to see the fuzz before a low signal is like expecting to see the bullet train before it runs you over since you once played chicken with a cole train. Digital signal level is best considered as a margin to error, if you have adequate margin you have no error. Installers will use a very expensive meter for signal analysis to see the smallest errors before they can be noticed by the human eye and it is only at this level we can improve the signal to be best level.

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