The Bundabah Nerong Connection

Nerong and Bundabah located in New South Wales are both small developing towns on the east coast of Australia.

They each have no local TV transmitter and receive terrestrial TV signals via the long-haul from Newcastle that is prone to summer outage. A very few locations in bundabah can receive signal from Medowi or Port Stephens transmitter and this can be nice and stable as it should be but is very location dependent. Also a few locations in Nerong can receive the slightly better taree transmitter also considered long-haul. The best but most rare is the few who can receive the bulahdelah transmitter from the highest parts of nerong.

Already we can start to see the similarities. Furthermore is the terrain. Kind of tucked into a mountain the signals often are not direct and more reflections that are received while a direct line is well attenuated and almost non-existent. Cloud cover can improve a clean signal bounce delivering all channels stable and Hot summer days all channels can be expected to disappear as multi-path reflections are drown out by signal skip from far away transmitters.

These two locations are often considered to be in the same area as Bluahdelah, Tea Gardens, Karuah or Hawks Nest but are technically comparable as Los Alamose, los Angeles and Bagdad. The signal is very different and comparison can only be done blindfolded.

Nerong and Bundabah share a signal profile that can be compared with signal levels, co-channel interference and distance to signal source, ect. Amplifiers are needed just to obtain a partly functional signal.

Bulahdelah now has a transmitter within hundreds of meters of 90% of the population that do not need an amplifier. Outage at Bulahdelah can have the same kind of outage if we simulate the nerong/bundabah signal profile with rusty connections, poor quality components or incorrect installations. Such errors simulate the solid mountain but in an avaerage or normal system do not exist. It’s reliable and stable if the rules are followed.

Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest are within 6km of the Gan Gan transmitter so we often still need an amplifier for multi-point systems but we have no mountain and no long-haul. Outages can happen inline with the nerong/budabah signal profile if we again simulate the mountain by using rusty connections, poor quality or incorrect installation. Signal levels are stable and reliable if the rules that apply are followed.

Karuah now has the choice of multiple transmitters like Anna Bay, Gan Gan and Medowie. Another small developing area the signal profile is not comparable to any other and will soon fall within a high signal level area.

End note.

Bulahdelah – Reliable signal
Tea Gardens – Reliable signal
Hawks Nest – Reliable signal
Karuah – Reliable signal

Nerong – Summer outage expected (VAST is recommended for all year-round reliable TV)
Bundabah – Summer outage expected (VAST is recommended for all year-round reliable TV)

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