Tea Gardens Hawks Nest No TV Signal

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest No TV Signal.

Suddenly no signal vs Pixilation on little drop outs.

We can divide almost all outages into two groups. The first is short/ intermittent drop outs and the second no signal with no channels. The second also includes where a TV can be re-tuned and all channels are removed and/or no channels found.

The cause of each can have many reasons, here we will just focus on Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest.

The first random drop outs/7pm drop outs causes by popularity.

1. Tuning – We use the local Gan Gan transmitter but we are able to tune Newcastle, taree and on hot days Sydney. Non-local channels will be unstable. Gan Gan channels are 28,30,31,32 and 33.

2. Old Antennas – These are the second most common cause and are still a problem because they still do work half the time. New antennas offer more stable signal levels for several reasons. The frequent mistake is assuming a clear picture half the time means you have a good signal. This old theory can be disproved by using rabbit ears, a broom stick and sticky tape. Simply that will work also but how reliable? About the same.

3. Improper Antenna Installation – Some builders and installers offer no warranty and this is a red flag. If it works for 6 months this is no proof of quality. Such is the way modern day scams work they work they work to some degree that you part with your money then they don’t. Your old antenna likely lasted 20 years, if your new one doesn’t last 6 months maybe the scam is so blatantly obvious that you need to call somebody else to fix it.
Low quality antennas do work perfectly for a short period of time but very few people realize this and even less people ask for a warranty.

4. Antenna alignment – Out by just a bit or out by 180 degrees or worse? If an antenna isn’t aligned correctly outage isn’t instant, the available signal is reduced so possibility of outage due to rain or heat is increased. Sometimes this can be simply overlooked and correct alignment is only visible on quality test equipment not a compass reading.

5. Basic rules ignored – 5a = Correct antenna for location, 5b adequate 4g filtering, 5c amplifier correctly adjusted, 5d connections and cabling up to digital standards.

You don’t really need to know any of these if your antenna has a warranty.

In next group we have complete outage, new house, new location or existing with sudden loss of signal.

1. Power injector failure – Often due to power surge via power-line. These are cheap and simple to replace. If this doesn’t fix the problem it is not the problem. Often called a booster by retail outlets they look like phone charger or “plug pack”.

2. Broken connections – Wiggling a connection to fix the reception is a bit like the old tale “shaving will make your hair grow thicker”. It’s just not the case and often is a secondary fault caused by an unknown fault. Due to forward error correction the digital signal try to correct itself and touching the cable or connection may add additional earthing or other proximity factor causing errors to be reduced for a short period of time. The shaving myth isn’t going away anytime soon and neither is this one. After time the connection will hard fault or short causing complete loss. Wall plate replacement should go with a basic system check to correct the original fault.

3. Masthead amplifier fault – These in rare cases die due to (in order of frequency) 3a. 4G overload – filtering has been around for 7 years and this shouldn’t be an issue but you can still buy them “on special” that have no filtering. 3b Lightning strike – rare but if close enough this does fry the electronic components. 3c water – Use of non-UV rated cable ties mean they are likely to fall off the mast and collect water in the otherwise weather-proof case. Over time the corrosion will bridge out the terminals and signal will stop passing. 3d loose connections – Correctly installed connectors can not be removed from the cable and only broken by force.

4. Rusted connections – These very frequently due to twist and tape joins in cable. Good quality connections are water tight and cable is cheap. No reason that cable isn’t simple replaced or joined correctly. The old “twist and tape” method was acceptable 30 years ago but really should have never been acceptable.

5. Rodent chewed cables – This doesn’t happen as often these days but is still an issue. Even high quality cable with quad shield and gel filled can be a victim of a hungry animal.

In the end the fault is what the fault is. It is what it is. Incorrect diagnosis can be the worst fault of all. Any upgrade or repair should come with a warranty. We have a transmitter within 6 kilometers and no real obstruction (like a mountain).

Claims that “it’s just the area” can be easy to disprove with a quick visit to the club. One little domestic antenna can feed many many TV’s at the club and if yours doesn’t have enough signal for just one or two or seven TV’s then at some point logic has to kick in. Why?

In-cases of “no warranty” products and services it is also logical that they are less than optimal products and services.

Often scammers pray on those who strictly request cheaper or faster services. This category of customer is considered the ideal for “hit’n’run” installers who offer no warranty.

Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Antenna Service is the local trusted family business who offer not just the experience of the longest lasting local antenna company, we also offer a 5 year new for old antenna replacement warranty.

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