Tea Gardens Digital TV Basics

The following is a list of basic first steps to assessing your system.

1. Check your tune.
Auto scan should work but in some cases you may have to manual tune 28,30,31,32,33

2. Check your cables.
Cables do fail. It’s often the connection on the cable between the TV and the Wall.

3. Age of your antenna.
If it work it works if not it’s intermittent and annoying. 10-20 years is a normal lifespan.

4. Antenna alignment.
Still debated by the uneducated. Your antenna should be aligned with your local transmitter. Only a quality meter can give a true reading for long term reliable reception.

5. Boosters and amplifiers.
These are a real stumbling point for the public and retailers. The wrong one might work but cause your reception to be intermittent.

6. Internal Cabling.
Many factors come into play with cable including it’s position, length, connections, weathering, rodents and more.

Try the easy ones then call a professional 4997 0542

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