My TV was working perfect yesterday with one or more channels pixilating missing today

Loss of signal or pixilation on one channel or all channels may of never happened before or an intermittent ongoing thing.

1. Check your tuning – Try auto keeping in mind it’s not perfect (Gan Gan is on 28,30,31,32,33 if your TV has 28,35,30,31,32,33 your tuning needs to be reset)
2. Check your devices – remove old or unused devices they may be reducing the signal levels on one or more channels
3. Check your cables – long is not ideal. Loss is less with new cable but shorter the better.
4. Check your connections – old or rusty plugs can be a suprise drama often causing trouble as the rust bridges the terminals

5. Check your signal levels – for the more advanced and not all TV’s have the option. Signal quality is more important than strength.
6. Check your antenna – From the ground you may be able to visualy inspect your antenna. Hanging cable or non-vertical mast is trouble.

7. Still need help? Call your local professional installer on 4997 0542 for all areas between Karuah and Bulahdelah

Identification of the cause is not just based on the loss of signal never happening. This is the symptom and the cause can vary. Like a sore foot if it never was sore before it makes up a clue to help rule out or identify possible causes and rarely gives an exact reason. Also could be more technical you may have never had an issue with your alarm system but today there is a fault or service light, having never a fault before doesn’t give much of a clue but it is indeed a clue.

“Fault finding is more about flow than thinking. More about how less about what. It is indeed not about the ever valuable thinking or the advanced thinking outside the box but understanding box and the frequency it becomes resonate so to induce current flow. – Adam the aerial bloke”

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