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Understanding the basics is key to great flowers in the gardens or designing the code for the next big software release and it is the same with aerials.

The largest systems in Tea Gardens are very similar to the smallest with over one thousand connected or just one TV connected the signal required is much the same and solutions are exactly the same. If we take the best case scenario and design something from that failure is always a possible, if we take the worst case and design our system failure is unlikely and not expected.

TV signal outages in our area are frequently due to the same old mistakes. 7pm outage, hot day outage, random intermittent outage,ect it all comes down to can we check the basics.

So what are the basics and why do we struggle to overcome them?

  1. Rules of digital are misunderstood or simply ignored – Are you using good parts in your system? or are they 30 years old pre-digital and rusty?
  2. Scammers in the market providing terrible results – No warranty installers/ It’s just the area no warranty installers / 30 years exp no warranty?
  3. Marketing tactics that are less than honest – Buying a new TV to fix your reception? If it doesn’t “fix it” can you get cash back?

Rules of the game are not magic or a secret art but simply a topic some people choose to study and understand or not. Black and white plain and simple in books hard-copy and digital form. It is what it is. If we don’t comply with the rules how can we blame the signal or the broadcasters? If i was to comment how a doctor should preform surgery i would indeed feel silly as it’s not my job, i have not studied the topic and my understanding is therefor limited. When it comes to TV antennas every loose Larry knows how things should work and advise is given in overwhelming amounts with no warranty.

If we combine loose Larry and business we now have the 2nd and 3rd. On each corner you can buy “the solution to fix everything” and people line up to buy it. So it is indeed a good business model to sell things without warranty. The consumer market demands more than ever instant satisfaction at the lowest price. Marketing and Scammers use this demand to improve profit with short-term results. With no warranty long-term isn’t anywhere on the radar.

How do we identify these 3? The cause and sales pitch can be fantastic but the identification of loose Larry is very very simple.

  1. Are products compliant with required standards and have we selected a quality product? If yes we have a warranty.
  2. Does a business name exist? How long is the warranty?
  3.  If the said product doesn’t “fix everything” or doesn’t provide all the channels claimed a consumer law has been broken. Warranty.

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