Digital TV Signal Monitor Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Pindimar

Channel monitor matrix

ABC,SBS,Prime,NBN,Win x Tea Gardens,Hawks Nest, Pindimar

During outage signal indicator will display a RED X until alarm has been reset (as per example ch44).

The signal monitor was first setup in hawks nest to study and find a solution to problematic reception. Findings over the years have been very clear pointing blame at non-compliance with digital standards and old antennas being the main cause of fault.

Sample times have been increased to microsecond samples detecting signal errors before any picture degrade can be observed by the public. Multiple location sampling 24 hours a day 7 days a week on all channels.

Results show signal availability is reduced when poor quality parts or old non-digital parts are used.

If your signal is not reliable one or more parts may require attention. This could be as simple as correction in channel tuning or antenna alignment but does need to be diagnosed on a case by case basis as various and non-standard parts may have been used.

No extreme levels of compliance is required to meet standards, only attention to common faults.

The monitoring stations are add-on’s to a standard domestic installation

Other monitoring like radio scanning are also logged for our local area and can be found here Myall Coast Scanners

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