Channel 10 our Channel 5 known as WIN has been rebranded new names of Boss, Peach, News and 10 Play will now be available on your TV

Channels should be updated automatically in modern TV’s but some older models may require a re-tune. The Frequency of the channel hasn’t changed things on the existing signal. Some pre mpeg4 TV’s may not be able to view channel 50 (WIN HD Newcastle), channel 53 Sky News, Channel 54 TVSN and channel 55 GOLD. The main channel 10 is still available on channel 5 in standard definition.

Channel Ten (our channel 5 / WIN TV) has recently changed the channel logo and channel name.

ONE has been re-branded to become 10 Boss, targeting women and men over 40 with programming driven by bold, confident characters

ELEVEN has become 10 Peach targeting 16-to-39-year-olds looking for feel-good, escapist entertainment.

Network 10’s “coming soon” subscription video on-demand service will be 10 All Access.

The Channel TEN CEO Paul Anderson said: “We have changed things up and not only do we have sparkling new looks and brands for 10, 10 Boss, and 10 Peach in 2019, with the imminent launch of 10 All Access and other big initiatives the time is right to connect the whole family of Network 10 platforms and channels. We are the adventurous alternative, the network that has always taken risks and tried new things – always with a sense of fun and with content that really engages with our under-50s audience.

Our aim here is simple: make our brands more distinctive, give them stronger cut-through in a hyper-competitive media sector, ensure greater consistency across our family of brands, strengthen our already deep engagement with audiences, and underline our entertainment credentials. If you cut out the jargon, what this means is that TV’s wild child has its voice back”

Executive creative director Simon Wright said: “So much of this brand refresh project was about helping 10 find its mojo again. Network 10 has a proud history of being bold and refreshingly different. This new identity captures this spirit while looking to 10’s future as an entertainment network that specializes in escapism. We worked closely with the brilliant in-house team to celebrate escapist entertainment. Across design, naming and writing, we’ve created a stronger, more unified brand expression to get 10 back to what it’s always done best – being as fun as the programs it shows.”

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  1. Could you please tell me if Young and the Restless is remaining on this Channel as it has now being replaced by Medium


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